Giclee reproductions are available here in several sizes and will be shipped to you.
These original paintings are available for sale by contacting the artist.

I will do commissioned paintings, so if you have a special building, garden, pet, etc that you'd like painted, please feel free to contact me for a quote.

Payments through Paypal

Image 2-1

24x30" oil on canvas
"Monet's Garden in France

Image 2-2
Summer in the North
"Rockey Mountains

Image 2-3

Reflections of the Past
Brandon, Manitoba

Image 2-4
16x20" oil on canvas

Image 2-5
Fogged In
8x10" Watercolor

Image 2-6
Princess Park
18x24" Watercolor
Brandon, Manitoba

Image 2-7
Oak Creek Canyon
11x14" Watercolor

Image 2-8
Mule Train
18x24" Acrylic
Grand Canyon, Arizona

Image 2-9
Snoopy Rock
24x16" Watercolor
Sedona, Arizona

Image 2-10
Coffee Pot Panoramic
30x15" Watercolor
Sedona, Arizona

Image 2-11
Cathedral Rock
24x16" Watercolor
Sedona, Arizona

Image 2-12
Coffee Pot
11x14" Watercolor
Sedona, Arizona