Welcome to my 1st Blog Post

Joy Skinner fine artist from FloridaHello and welcome to my art blog and my very first post!  Since this is the first post, let me introduce myself. I am Joy Skinner, self-proclaimed artist, photographer, and lover of all things creative!  Ever since I was a small child, I have had a need to create, whether it be drawing a map in the 5th grade, a science fair project, music, music, photography, and more recently painting!

My career actually took me into the accounting field and although I studied to become a CPA and worked as a controller, it didn't take long to see that was not what I was meant to be.  I realized I needed to be working at something where I could be a tad bit more creative.  That's when I started teaching accounting and finance.  I loved my job and I loved each and every student I ever had.  Time passes and with that comes change - my kids grew up and I found I was left with a LOT of extra time on my hands that I never had before so I knew it was time for me to dive head first into the arts.  I saw color different than most.  I knew that.  I also had a keen sense of lights and darks, although I had no idea how important that would become and I had NO idea how to even hold a paintbrush, never mind choose what art supplies I needed.  I read a LOT, I combed the internet, and I started studying other artist's paintings.  I got real serious about painting and with that, I was introduced to a passion I never knew existed.  So much so, that I know it will stay with me forever now.  I have as much fascination with painting as I do with the materials from which art is made. In this blog I Prancer an Original Watercolor Painting by artist Joy Skinnerwould like to share that passion for art, photography and design with you in the hopes that I can reveal to you how to use art to enhance your joy in life and the beauty of your surroundings…

What is art?  Well, anything really!  We are immersed in a world of creation.  A computer might not be considered “art”, but it would not exist if someone hadn’t had the idea of it, designed it and created it in the world.  Without creativity we would not all be connected online today, watching TV, driving cars, shopping at stores or sending texts.  Everything human thing we see around us is the product of someone’s creativity from the first stone-age arrowhead to today's most advanced surgical equipment.

A mentor of mine, Rose Edin, said “There is no such thing as bad art or good art. There is only art you like and art you don't like”.  I agree … As the old saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder and that is something no one can ever take away from you. 

If you love paintings of dogs playing poker, cats knitting, sweeping landscapes, quiet still lifes, abstract slashes of color, or you prefer the work of Thomas Kinkade over Pablo Picasso, or Renoir over Rembrandt…that is your truth.  Don’t let anyone ever make you feel ashamed or wrong for what you love. Own it and love it with all your heart. Art should uplift us, speak to us, move us or enhance our lives in some way that is personal…whatever that may be for you. That is art’s gift to us. That is its legacy!
Until next time .......